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So a bit more progress on basing and assembling the pile…

Jareck from Enigma miniatures has been cleaned and assembled and his base from an earlier post completed, all ready for undercoating. He needed a few mould lines removed and a good scrub up.

I soaked him in Dettol for a few hours as there was a faint yellowish deposit on the surface of the metal, perhaps some sort of mould release, who knows. It disappeared after a clean and then I went to work with the wire wool.

I opted for the ‘second’ option by putting the head in the left hand and sword in the right, to be a little different from the box art (you get both included in the pack which means some nice spares too). Some additional putty, sand, lichen, twigs and various stones finished off the effect on the base which I am hoping will be a darkish woodland when done.


Next up I have assembled the Succubus from JMD miniatures, a really nice model based on a Golden Demon winner. I decided to just use the included resin base for this model, which I intend using as an exercise in improving my pale flesh work.


And lastly the start of a base for my War of the Zodiac Leo, which is a Yedharo model I bought from the excellent El Greco miniatures site. They carry some excellent kits and their service is top notch.


It’s a really nice kit with a metal base piece included, which I have integrated into the start of the base for the figure.


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